Jewelry Care

Our jewelries are made of ‘stainless steel’ or ‘copper.’ This means it won’t discolor easily. So you can enjoy it to the fullest!


We advise you to take care of your jewelries:


Avoid water

Do not shower or swim with your jewelry. Soap, chlorine and salt van remain on and in your jewelry.


Keep it perfume and cream free

The substances in creams, perfumes, soap, make-up, body lotion and hairspray can affect the material of your jewelry.


Take it off before going to sleep

Jewelry will wear out faster if she continues to wear it and there is a chance that it will break while sleeping.


Reduce the chance of knots

Close necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry with a clasp before putting it away. This reduces the chance that a knot will form in your jewelry.


Keep it dark

It is best to store your jewelry in a dark and dry place. E.g. jewelry box.